Flash-link HRP labeling Kit

Have your own HRP-labeled reagents within 2 hours!

Our Flash-link HRP labeling kit can help you create novel protein conjugates that are consistent and reproducible, which saves you time and money for your research work. All reagents within this kit that are required to conjugate your protein, including antibody and protein antigens, are easy to use. The features of the kit are:

  • Quick - 1-minute operating time and 2-hour processing time for you to have your own reagents;
  • Simple- in a one-tube format, easy to use, no separation and dialysis steps;
  • Reliable - high quality and lot-to-lot consistency;
  • Flexible - Various package sizes and more options (Table 1).
Table 1.Available sizes of Flash-link HRP labeling kit

Kit size# Product No. No. of reaction Optimal quantity of antibody labeled*
100 µg HRP-L-100 1 100 - 400 µg
300 µg HRP-L-300 1 300 - 1200 µg
500 µg HRP-L-500 1 500 - 2000 µg
1000 µg HRP-L-1000 1 1000 - 4000 µg

# To meet your specific requirements, tailored kit package sizes can be provided;

*The optimal quantities of other proteins to be labeled should be adjusted based on their molecular weights.

You will benefit from the use of Flash-link HRP labeling kit:

  • Control quality - allow you to get reliable research results;
  • Save time - unfix yourself from busy work;
  • Save money - do more research work with a limited budget.

Recombined with the labeling kit, the following HRP stabilizers are available for you to store your HRP conjugates (Table 2).

Table 2. HRP conjugate stabilizers/diluents

Product Name Product No. Applications
HRP storing stabilizers I HRP-SS-001 For concentrated HRP conjugates stored at -20°C
HRP storing stabilizers II HRP-SS-002 For concentrated HRP conjugates stored at 2-8°C
HRP stabilizer/diluent I HRP-SD-001 For working dilution of HRP conjugates stored at 2- 8°C
HRP stabilizer/diluent II HRP-SD-002
HRP stabilizer/diluent III HRP-SD-003
HRP stabilizer/diluent IV HRP-SD-004