Alkaline Phosphatase Stabiliser/Diluent

Enzyme-ImmunoAssay (EIA) has become an applied technique for identification and determination of antigens (including small molecules, i.e. haptens) and antibodies. Among the enzymes currently used for the development of solid-phase immunoassays, both Alkline phosphatase (ALP) and horseradish peroxidase (HRP) have been mainly used in the preparation of enzyme conjugates. Generally speaking, ALP is less sensitive than HRP.

As a general rule, the protein molecule is most stable at low temperature and high protein concentrations. The trend of immunoassay-based in vitro diagnostic products is toward the format of ready-to-use liquid solution instead of concentrated liquid solution and air- or freeze-dried solid. The major advantages of liquid reagents are: -

  • It avoids the denaturation of proteins caused by drying;
  • It eliminates the chance for human error when dissolving or diluted the dried or concentrated reagents.

Until now, the disadvantage of the format was the inherent instability of the liquid ALP-conjugates. This problem has been solved! The Biopanda ALP stabiliser can significantly extend the life of ALP conjugates, allowing consistent results over extended periods of time. So the stabilizer allows you:-

  • To provide pre-diluted, READY-TO-USE ALP conjugates;
  • To store ALP conjugates at stock solution concentrations.
ALP stabiliser/diluent (Product No.: ALP-SD-001)

A protein-based formulation in a proprietary buffer. The diluted AP-conjugates may be used in applications such as ELISA, ImmunoBlotting and IHC.

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