Biotin Coated Plates

Biopanda’s biotin pre-coated plates are designed specifically for the detection of the probes that are conjugated with avidin, streptavidin, or other type of avidin involved in a variety of biomolecular assay techniques.

Biotin pre-coated 12x8 well strip, clear (Product No.: BTN-MTP-001)
Biotin pre-coated 12x8 well strip, white (Product No.: BTN-MTP-002)

The clear and white plates are applicable for colorimetric and chemiluminescent detection system, respectively.

General features of the biotin pre-coated plates include:

  • Biotin group with high binding capacity avidin or streptavidin
  • Pre-blocked to reduce non-specific binding
  • Microwell strips are detachable from the plate frame for flexibility and convenience
  • Standard coating volume: 100μl