HRP chemiluminescent substrate

A luminol-based chemiluminescent reagent designed for microwell and/or membrane horseradish peroxidase (HRP) applications , which provides increased sensitivity over chromagenic substrates in both membrane and microwell assays. In microplate immunoassays, positive reactions are rapidly detected and read in a luminometer. In membrane assays, permanent results are recorded on X-ray film or by CCD camera. After reaction with HRP, the light emission from the chemiluminescent substrate reaches maximum intensity within 5 minutes. Light emission lasts for approximately 1 hour.

Supplied as a two-component system. Mix the components in a 1:1 ratio when applied. Although it is suggested that the two parts should be mixed just before the application, the mixture is stable for at least one week at room temperature and still offers a low background.

The features of the chemiluminescent reagents are as follows:-

  • Stability: 24 months at + 2-8 °C
  • High activity: Luminol-based with proprietary enhancers
  • Low background
  • Easy - to - use two-part system
  • Consistency: lot- to- lot
  • Safe to use: non-hazardous
Chemiluminescent Substrate I(Product No.: CL-001)

Chemiluminescent Substrate II(Product No.: CL-002)
Chemiluminescent Substrate II provides a higher reaction intensity and reading than Substrate I.

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