Enzymes for PCR

Thermostable DNA polymerase (5 U/µl)

An enzyme that can be used for various scientific applications, e.g. PCR.

Thermostable DNA polymerase (20 U/µl)

It is a highly-concentrated version of the enzyme above. Some type of PCR, for example RAPD (Random Amplification of polymorphic DNA), need higher DNA polymerase concentrations. But addition of larger amounts of polymerase with normal concentration (5 U/µl) increases the glycerol concentration in the PCR reaction mix and such high level of glycerol can influence at PCR process. To avoid those interferences we recommend using our highly-concentrated version.

5x Master Mix

5x Master Mix(Ready to Load)

Master Mixes are a contemporary trend in molecular biology, allowing the user to enjoy much more convenient and less time-consuming working process while using the PCR-technique. All the necessary components are already included in the right entailment.

Both mixes are available with two different final magnesium concentrations- 1,5 mM and 2,5 mM (2,0 mM is accomplishable when mixing the two). If you have a specific need for any other concentration, let us know! Also, on special request, the mixes are available with buffer BD (without detergent). The standard buffer in our Master Mixes is buffer B (with detergent).

Our mixes have the advantage that they are shipped at room temperature- up to one month of storing in room temperature or up to six months of storing in the temperature of 2-8°C will not cause loss in activity. Because of that, they enable working without having to constantly freeze and thaw the mix. The mixes can resist at least up to 50 freeze and thaw cycles.