Enzymes for Hot Start PCR

Hot Start thermostable DNA polymerase (5 U/µl)

Hot Start thermostable DNA polymerase is a high quality enzyme that can be used in various scientific technologies in the field of gene technology, e.g. automatic HOT START PCR. It has also been successfully used in ELISA and quantitative PCR (Q-PCR or real-time PCR).*

This product is inactive at ambient temperatures and is activated by a 15-minute incubation at 95-97°C. The incubation prevents extension of nonspecifically annealed primers formed at low temperatures.

*Although this enzyme has been successfully used in these applications, we cannot currently have conclusive evidence to guarantee results in all instances. Individual tests should be conducted to assure quality outcomes.

Hot Start thermostable DNA polymerase (20 U/µl)

This is supplied at a high concentration. Some types of PCR, for example RAPD (Random Amplification of polymorphic DNA), with combination of Hot Start techniques need higher Hot Start DNA polymerase concentrations. But addition of larger amounts of polymerase with normal concentration (5U/µl) increases the glycerol concentration in the PCR reaction mix and such high level of glycerol can influence the PCR process. To prevent that interference we recommend using the highly-concentrated form of enzyme and shorter activation time (from 5 min).