Immobilised Biomolecule Stabilizer

In some immunoassay procedures, the primary biomolecule needs to be immobilised onto the surface of substrates first, e.g. microtitre plates, tubes, latex beads, nitrocellulose, ceramics, silica, etc. After being dried however, the immobilised molecule is subject to loss of bio-activity.

Immobilised Biomolecule Stabilizer, also called plate stabilizer or post-coat stabilizer, developed by Biopanda, can be used to stabilize immobilised biomolecules on the surface of substrates during dryness. These products significantly protect immobilised biomolecules from the loss of their activity.

Immobilised Biomolecule Stabiliser I (IBS-001)

This product contains bulking protein, which has two functions simultaneously;

  • stabilising the fixed biomolecule
  • blocking the non-specific, un-occupied sites
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Immobilised Biomolecule Stabiliser II (IBS-002)

This product is protein-free, which has only one function:- stabilising the fixed biomolecule.

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Immobilised Biomolecule Stabiliser III (IBS-003)

This version of stabilizer can be added directly into microwells that still contain the coating buffer after a proper incubation time of the biomolecules without the steps of aspiration and washing, which in turn speeds up the manufacturing process of pre-coated plates.