The 96-well microplates are designed for solid phase immunoassay, e.g. ELISA, consisting of 8- or 12-well breakable microstrips assembled in a multi-frame. The reusable multi-frame supports each well individually, which ensures the correct positioning for automatic instruments.

  • The breakable microplates offer maximum economy for processing a small number of samples. The exact number of wells required can be broken off and inserted into the multi-frame.
  • The careful design and special features ensure reliability, being compatible with all common instruments, and offering excellent optical and binding precision (uniform binding within and between plates).
  • Clear and white versions are available for ELISA, fluorescent/luminescent assays.


Cat No: Type: Comments:
JCH-106-001 Clear With 8-well strips
JCH-106-002 Clear With 12-well strips
JCH-106-003 White With 8-well strips