Protein Stabilisers

The trend of supplying proteins is towards the format of liquid solutions instead of air- or freeze-dried solids. The major advantages of liquid format are: -

  • It avoids the denaturation of proteins caused by drying;
  • It reduces the chance of human error when reconstituting the dried proteins;
  • It is friendly to handle.

The formulations developed by Biopanda uses combinations of proprietary components incorporated into the buffer used for protein stabilisation. Particular features include:

  • Extended Shelf Life of Proteins in Solutions
  • Promotion of bioactivity
  • Protection against dilution inactivation
  • Protection against proteolytic degradation
  • Protection against proteolytic aggregation
  • Protection against unfolding

There are two types of protein stabiliser available now: -

Protein Stabiliser I (Product No.: PR-SS-001)

This product is fully synthetic (free of protein). This will avoid the possible cross-reaction or contamination caused by proteins.
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Protein Stabiliser II (Product No.: PR-SS-002)

This version of protein stabilizer contains proteins, which are needed to store certain proteins.
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These ready-to-use products are designed for the storage and stabilisation of proteins, particularly recombinant proteins, including antibodies and antigens. In addition, they can be also used in the preparations of standards, calibrators and/or controls in liquid form with test kits.