Ready-to-use TMB solutions for ELISA

This type of TMB solution is supplied as a ready-to-use mono-component liquid, containing TMB and H2O2 in an acidic buffer. Liquid TMB produces a blue, soluble end product which can be read at 655 nm. The reaction can be stopped using an acid solution (e.g. 0.5 M H2SO4, 0.5 M HCl, 1 M H3PO4) to convert the blue radical to a yellow diimine which can be read at 450 nm. This has been reported to increase the sensitivity of the assay.

  • Post termination stability: no change of OD within one hour, and <10% drop of OD within 24 hours after the addition of stopping solution

Is a robust ELISA substrate for HRP-based EIA with a stability of 3 years at 4°C.
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Offers higher optical densities than TMB solution I. Stable for at least 3 years at 4°C.
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Provides a higher signal than TMB solutions I and II. Stable for at least 3 years at 4°C.
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The TMB solution X is our most sensitive substrate for ELISA, surpassing that of TMB solution VII. It also has the shortest incubation time, allowing for fast assay development. Stable for at least 3 years at 4°C.
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Stability of reacted TMB products after stopping with acid solutionActivity of Biopanda TMB substrates
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