HRP Stabiliser/Diluent

Enzyme-ImmunoAssay (EIA) has become an applied technique for identification and determination of antigens (including small molecules, i.e. haptens) and antibodies. Among the enzymes currently used for the development of solid-phase immunoassays, horseradish peroxidase (HRP) has been found most suited for the preparation of enzyme conjugates, due in part to its good stability characteristics, and in part to its low cost advantage. However, the stability of HRP is relative. HRP has the general characters of protein, e.g. denaturation, self-aggregation, degradation, etc., all of which can make the proteins reduce even lose their function, particularly at low protein concentrations.

As a general rule, the protein molecule is most stable at low temperature and high protein concentrations. The trend of immunoassay-based in vitro diagnostic products is toward the format of ready-to-use liquid solution instead of concentrated liquid solution and air- or freeze-dried solid. The major advantages of liquid reagents are:

  • It avoids the denaturation of proteins caused by drying
  • It eliminates the chance for human error when dissolving or diluted the dried or concentrated reagents

Until now, therefore, the disadvantage of the format was the inherent instability of the liquid HRP-conjugates. This problem has now been addressed. To meet the requirements of in vitro diagnostic market, 4 HRP Stabilisers have been developed, which can be used to dilute and stabilise HRP conjugates. These products significantly extend the life of HRP conjugates, allowing consistent results over extended periods of time. So they allow you to:

  • Provide pre-diluted, READY-TO-USE HRP conjugates
  • Store HRP conjugates at stock solution concentrations
HRP Stabiliser/Diluent I (Product No. HRP-SD-001)

This product is designed for monomer HRP conjugates. pdf icon SDS

HRP Stabiliser/Diluent II (Product No. HRP-SD-002)

This product is designed for both monomer and polymer HRP conjugates. pdf icon SDS

HRP Stabiliser/Diluent III (Product No. HRP-SD-003)

This product is fully synthetic (free of protein). This will avoid the possible cross-reaction or contamination caused by proteins. pdf icon SDS

HRP Stabiliser/Diluent IV (Product No. HRP-SD-004)

Like HRP-SD-003, this product is also fully synthetic (free of protein). pdf icon SDS