Other Molecular Biology Reagents

Peach 6x DNA Loading Dye Buffer (Ficoll based)

6x Peach DNA Loading Dye Buffer can be used for loading DNA samples (PCR products, restriction fragments) on agarose gel. 6x Peach Loading Dye is premixed ready-to-use marker dye containing Orange G, Tris-HCl, EDTA, Ficoll-400 for easy visual monitoring during the electroforesis. Orange G dye is visible on agarose gels and it runs faster than bromphenol blue and the smallest detectable DNA fragment (approx. 51 bp). Orange G dye is a better indicator to prevent the risk of your DNA running off the gel and does not influence band intensity on pictures taken under the UV. No interaction with the borate on TBE gels, altering local pH due Ficoll.

Store at RT, +4C, and for longer period at -20C recommended. Mix 1 volume of Peach Dye with 5 volumes of your DNA sample and load into the gel (final Ficoll is 4.2%). Also, Peach DNA Loading Dye works like 10x - mix 1 volume Peach Dye with 9 volume of your sample (final Ficoll is 2.5%).